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Publicado en Oct 11, 2021

The Number Verb Agreement

The subject of each of your sentences is “disc”, a singular noun (see rule 1 of the subject-verb agreement). The point of this article is that sentences that contain “the number” and “a number” follow different guidelines that resemble subwords (Rule 8) and collective nouns (Rule 9). “There are a number of cakes on the table” seems unpleasant to us. 1. The number of people queuing for the tickets was four hundred. The number is used to indicate a particular number. Example: the number of students in their class is twenty. A number is used in your sentence to indicate an indeterminate number. If your sentence brings together a positive and negative subject, one in the plural and the other in the singular, the verb must correspond to the positive subject. Of course, it is easy to detect an error when a sentence says “The team always plays well after a week of training”, because we quickly identify “the team” as a singular subject and therefore we have to play the singular verb to make the sentence correctly.

We discovered that the greatest number of our men gathered on the beach. We discovered that the greatest number of our men are gathered on the beach. Tell your students to see it this way: a certain number means a lot. Since “many + plural” adopts a plural verblage, you would say, “Many cars are on the highway at rush hour.” Similarly, you would say, “A number of cars are on the highway during rush hour.” What about the growing body of evidence? the growing body of evidence shows that. It`s true? Can the “number” be used with countless names? In the example above, the plural corresponds to the actors of the subject. There were an infinite number of books. Or there were an infinite number of books. The expression number is followed by a plural text. I am sure the word does not change the rule. So use the plural account.

10-A. With one of these ________, which use a plural reverb. Note: In this example, the subject of the sentence is the pair; That is why the verb must correspond to this. (Because scissors are the subject of the preposition, scissors do not affect the number of verbs.) A number of people have written about this. Subject-verb correspondence is usually quite simple in English….