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Publicado en Oct 8, 2021

St Davids Day Agreement

The David Agreement we have reached today is one of the largest transfers of power in the history of Welsh devolution. It`s about finding sustainable settlements across the country to make our UK stronger and fairer. Secondly, by changing the decentralisation model, today`s agreement has also transferred new and extensive powers to the Welsh Assembly. The agreement stipulates that the National Assembly should be able to reduce the age of parliamentary elections to 16, set its own speed limits and have control over hydraulic fracturing, sewers, ports, as well as the regulation of taxis and buses. The agreement states that “the UK Government will introduce a floor for the amount of relative funding it makes available to the Welsh Government.” 8 The trial of St. David`s Day also looked at some of the powers given to Scotland under the Smith Commission agreement. The bill incorporates two important commitments arising from this exercise, which were the subject of a strong political consensus. This involved the decentralization of all powers with respect to assembly elections, including the electoral system, implementation, voting rights and registration, as well as the decentralization of the onshore oil and gas license (including the shale gas license). Britain`s coalition government has described as a strong plan for the country`s future the “St David`s Day Agreement” announced on Friday by David Cameron and Nick Clegg, which provides for guaranteed minimum funding for Wales. Today`s agreement therefore paves the way for a referendum that could be organised by an assembly that is not only an expenditure body, but which is actually responsible for an increase in its revenues. Three politicians line up in the tunnel to announce a historic deal. It may not be so high that Sam Warburton leads the Welshman to a Grand Slam, injures his shoulder and lifts the trophy with one hand. But the David Day agreement we have secured today is one of the biggest transfers of power in the history of Welsh devolution.

The term “St. David`s Day Agreement” was controversial in Wales, as it gave the impression that it was an agreement between governments or parties to a negotiation similar to the Good Friday Agreement, when in reality it was only a political announcement by the London government, in which the Cardiff government did not participate. . . .