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Publicado en Sep 24, 2021

Introducer Agreement Swiss Law

Discussions have taken place and the Parties have decided to conclude this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as `the Agreement`, including its recitals and annexes which are included therein and which are indivisible. The Bundesgericht also contested the calculation of the fixed costs submitted by the distributor and, in particular, the fact that the discontinuation of the products at issue (following the termination of the contract by the supplier) did not reduce the fixed costs. The distributor did not provide sufficient evidence to support its claims. When we refer to “you” and “your”, we are referring to the company`s client who is a licensed user of the trading platform, or any visitor to our site who is not a client of the company. This case is an example of a “hidden disagreement”, which cannot be resolved by an objective interpretation of the treaty in good faith and which cannot lead to a valid contract. In the present case, the first instance decided that it was not possible to determine whether the relative definition of the shares to be disposed should prevail by reference to the percentage (i.e. 10% of the shares) or the absolute definition of the shares (i.e. 45 shares) using the objective method of interpreting the contract: a good faith interpretation of that provision does not allow: to decide objectively on the number of shares to be sold under the SPA, which creates a disagreement between the parties, which cannot be resolved by an interpretation of the contract.. . .