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Publicado en Sep 24, 2021

Influencer Agreement Sec

A big part of what you pay for is the influencer`s reach. Ultimately, if it is found that a portion of the influencer`s followers are fake, you lose the effect of the influencer`s network and pay to reach people who don`t exist. This is a big problem. A study published by the University of Baltimore found that fake followers in influencer marketing brands will cost $US 1.3 billion this year. Consider asking the influencer to include a clause that will allow you to withdraw from the agreement and return a payment if it is found that the influencer`s followers are not genuine. Services like Social Audit Pro, IG Audit, Hypr, and Famoid can help you determine subscriber authenticity before you commit. As with any other advertising method, influencer marketing has its own peculiarities and pitfalls. And there are always two main pages: an influencer on one side and a distributor on the other. If you have a legal team, make sure the contract is verified by them. Especially when working with the best influencers, it`s better to be sure than to worry.

Once the contract is concluded and verified by them, send it through a secure channel that you used to communicate with influencers. Instead, brands must continuously validate and measure influencers` fit on company values, both at the brand level and at the company level. Ask the influencer to confirm in writing that they don`t have an existing agreement with one of your competitor lists. Get written assurances that they will not enter into an influencer agreement with a competitor during the term of the contract, including the duration of a restrictive agreement (see below). Determine the period within which the influencer is prohibited from entering into a contract with a competitor until the influencer contract expires. Be sure to define exactly who you are talking about with competitors (see above). Some BANJO influencers remove sponsored content from their social media lines a few days after it is uploaded. They do this so as not to offend their followers with too much sponsored content – and thus offer future partnership offers to future brands. Get the basics right.

Write down the names of the influencers you will be working with on this program….