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Publicado en Sep 22, 2021

Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (1992)

Volume 2 of the GCLA contains a description of the lands that will be transferred to the Gwich`in Tribal Council, which has become a Gwich`in country. During the year, the number of CWG land use activities increased significantly compared to previous years. The GTC undertook the following activities: in 2001-2002, an interdepartmental committee on contractual obligations related to the implementation of extended land agreements was established. PWGSC is a member of this committee, which will meet quarterly to discuss implementation issues. MACA and GTC have been working on a lease for current access to the deep sea water catchment plant. Truck delivery of water to the Municipality of Fort McPherson began in November. Over the past 25 years, the political and economic working environment of the NWT has changed considerably. The signing of the Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement involved significant changes in environmental management and potential resource development in the Gwich`in Settlement Area (GSA). New proposals for a pipeline through the Mackenzie Valley would bring natural gas from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and the Mackenzie Delta through the Mackenzie Valley to Alberta or British Columbia. Board staff discussed cooperation agreements with other regulators and organizations that operate alongside the Mackenzie Valley, namely the Nunavut Impact Review Board, the Environmental Impact Assessment Board for SRI, and the Alberta Natural Resource Conservation Board. These agreements set out how the bodies concerned will cooperate in dealing with transboundary environmental assessments. This process is separate from the draft cooperation plan for the Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline Project. The Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) continued to provide the opportunity to obtain government contracts by sending procurement opportunities into the government`s electronic tendering system and informing all stakeholders of the purchase of goods, services and construction products for the GSA.

Whenever PWGSC has a procurement opportunity that affects one or more of the global focal claims agreements, it shall forward the notification to the stakeholders. The management, management and control of Gwich`in lands is the responsibility of the GTC, in accordance with section 18.1.6 of the Agreement. . . .