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Publicado en Sep 13, 2023

Contractions List How to Pronounce Contractions in American English

When it comes to writing, it`s important to know the proper usage of contractions. Not only does it affect the tone and style of your writing, but it can also impact your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Knowing which contractions to use and how to pronounce them in American English can make a big difference in how your content is perceived and understood.

What are Contractions?

Contractions are a combination of two words that are shortened by leaving out one or more letters and replacing them with an apostrophe. For example, «do not» becomes «don`t», «is not» becomes «isn`t», and so on. Contractions are commonly used in spoken and written American English, although some contexts may require more formal language without contractions.

Why Use Contractions?

Using contractions can help make your writing sound more conversational, friendly, and approachable. It can also save space and make your writing less clunky. However, it`s important to use them appropriately and in the right context. For instance, using contractions in academic or professional writing may be frowned upon or not appropriate.

How to Pronounce Contractions in American English?

Some contractions are pronounced differently than the two words they represent. For example, «I`m» is pronounced as «ahm» instead of «eye-em,» and «can`t» is pronounced as «kant» instead of «can not.» Here`s a list of commonly used contractions in American English, along with their pronunciations:

– I`m (ahm)

– You`re (yoor)

– He`s (heez)

– She`s (sheez)

– It`s (its)

– We`re (weer)

– They`re (theer)

– That`s (thats)

– Who`s (hoos)

– What`s (wats)

– Where`s (wares)

– When`s (wenz)

– Why`s (wahyz)

– How`s (hows)

– Can`t (kant)

– Didn`t (didnt)

– Doesn`t (duhznt)

– Don`t (dohnt)

– Hadn`t (haddnt)

– Hasn`t (haznt)

– Haven`t (havnt)

– Isn`t (iznt)

– Let`s (lets)

– Mustn`t (mustnt)

– Shouldn`t (shouldnt)

– Wasn`t (wuznt)

– Won`t (wohnt)

– Wouldn`t (woodnt)


Contractions are an essential part of American English, and using them properly can help make your writing more approachable and save space. When writing, remember to use contractions appropriately and in the right context, and be mindful of their pronunciation. By doing so, you can improve your SEO efforts and make your content more engaging and understandable to your readers.