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Publicado en Sep 12, 2021

Bc Ndp Constituency Assistants Collective Agreement

The rejected three-year contract provided for a 2% salary increase in the first year and not a salary increase in the remaining period. According to Mr. Chouhan, the proposed salary increase would have put constituency assistants on the same salary scale as NDP Caucus employees working in Victoria. He said the average NDP constituency assistant receives $24 to $25 an hour. I was able to find some interesting information from an interview article ( and a job description from an NDP collective agreement ( – page 23). (Salary level provided for in Articles 12 and 21 of the Collective Agreement) The Burnaby-Edmonds representative also indicated that his caucus is not particularly concerned that municipal employees who run the local office of an MLA will cast ballots for a strike vote after rejecting a preliminary agreement. A collective agreement is in effect between ufcw (Local 232) and members of the New Democratic Party. All applications are accepted and confidential. The Labour critic referred to the fact that among the constituency assistants employed by the NDP MLAs, 25 voted in favour of a first agreement drawn up by negotiators on both sides, while 34 voted against and 24 abstained. While acknowledging that this is the first time that constituency assistants have gone to a strike vote, Mr. Chouhan said he was certain that the Labour hook would eventually be resolved to the satisfaction of both sides.

Raj Chouhan, a Labour critic of the opposition, is confident that the NDP MLAs` constituency assistants will not quit their jobs. Please look for the zip code, constituency name or MLA name “I think they [PND constituency assistants] may have found two percent over three years a bit offensive,” Rohlfs said. “The fact that the process is proceeding in this way is proof of the integrity and role of the collective bargaining process in achieving a balance between workers` rights and employers,” Chouhan der Straight said by phone. “It`s not unusual.” Harry fought to improve our public transportation and reduce long wait times at Surrey Memorial Hospital. He stood with the parents` party to ask for funding for the construction of more schools and lobbied the BC Liberal government to adopt a strategy to fight crime. . Aman is ready to fight for the people of Richmond-Queensborough and ensure that their issues are at the centre of their concerns as part of an NDP government re-elected in Bc. As a two-time Olympic field hockey participant for Team Canada and an active member of the community, Ravi volunteers on the board of directors of the Delta Parks and Recreation Committee, the Tapestry Foundation and men`s High Performance for Field Hockey BC. He was also inducted into the Delta Sports Hall of Fame. Adam Walker, a small entrepreneur, city councillor and farmer, stands up for you. Adam has lived all his life in the Qualicum Beach area and is proud to call this beautiful community home.

He and his wife run a small farm here and raise two daughters. He has owned and operated technology companies in the region for over 15 years. We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. His years of experience serving Surrey have given him a deep understanding of the issues facing this community. As a father and grandfather, he knows how important it is to give children and schools the tools they need to succeed – now and later in life. I hope they strike for a good period of time, and the highest in the party will get hemorrhoids through the union that will follow. Katrina is a strong voice for Burnaby and fights for you in the most important topics. Prior to his election in 2002, Fin was a well-known communal and environmental advocate who did 14 environmental marathon swims, including twice over the 1,375 km length of the Fraser River.